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My innovation and pension for levity create a safe and comfortable container for people to blossom open and explore their desires.

Currently diving into the virtual space and trailblazing the expansion of virtual connection. www. with powerful facilitators and educators from around the globe.  Proud to be a Producer of The Virtual Intimacy Retreat. Visit the website to get more information.

My events are skillfully facilitated so participants venture out of the mundane to discover new erotic territories and empowerment through ideologies rooted in Ethical Hedonism.

While facilitating authentic relating, I was inspired to bring this integral practice into sexual exploration and am now fully stepping into my role as an intimacy coach.  Utilizing the authentic relating techniques, I create dynamic conscious play parties for intentional and purposeful communities. Through training and life experience, I integrate a wide variety of philosophies on sexuality to assist others in connecting to their root desires.


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