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your fully expressed self


I embrace my humanity above all else!


Greetings, my name is Thomas Daily II, hailing from Bloomington, Minnesota, where I entered this world amidst chaos and parents burdened by trauma. As a young adolescent, I began delving into the profound impact of trauma. Along my journey of unlearning and acceptance, I embarked on backpacking adventures through 13 countries, a transformative experience that led me to adopt the moniker "Major Tom." Returning to the United States, I felt compelled and prepared to embark on the path of personal growth.


Through my encounters with Authentic Relating, I witnessed profound shifts occurring within me as I engaged in emotional expression and conscious connection. It was then that I realized my calling—to share this invaluable gift with a broader audience. Thus, I underwent extensive training as a facilitator, committed to exploring this path with greater depth.


My innovation and inclination towards light-heartedness provide a safe and courageous space for individuals to blossom and deepen their relationships with themselves and others.

Through these workshops and retreats, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse groups of individuals from various backgrounds, ages, and cultures. Each interaction has contributed to my ever-expanding toolkit of techniques and strategies to help people connect authentically, communicate with clarity, and tap into the joy of play.


These workshops have allowed me to witness firsthand the profound impact that intentional human connection can have on personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being. By creating a safe and supportive environment, participants have been able to explore their vulnerabilities, break down barriers, and forge deep connections with others. It is through these connections that we can truly understand and appreciate the beauty of shared experiences and diverse perspectives.


Communication is the backbone of any relationship, and my workshops have focused on equipping individuals with the necessary skills to express themselves effectively, listen empathetically, and resolve conflicts with compassion. By providing practical tools and guidance, I aim to empower individuals to navigate conversations with confidence and authenticity, fostering healthier and more meaningful connections in both personal and professional spheres.


All individuals are warmly welcomed into the containers of decentralized processing I create, utilizing the principles of Integral Theory. This framework draws from elements of psychodrama, tantra, authentic relating, and long-form improv.


Conscious play is the foundation upon which we embark, fully immersed in the exploration and experiences that allow us to transform and evolve into new versions of ourselves.


So, my question to you is: Are you ready to embark on this playful journey of self-discovery and transformation?

Are you ready to play?.


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