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Bliss! 2022 Conscious Play Party was incredible!

This past February I facilitated one of the sexiest heart-centered experiences. I asked for some testimonials and this was what was said...

"The opening exercises always provide the chance to get to know some new people in a way that allows me to trust the space. It gave me the chance to find connections to explore further throughout the night too. In the squish-ies exercise, I could really feel one of my group members’ energy as we squished and breathed together. I wanted to go deeper and had a wonderful experience with him later. I’m the ending exercise, I lingered with someone from my group and had a great make out sess. I appreciate that everyone shows up with good intentions and are awesome people. I find that I want to spend more time with these people! You’re awesome and I love the parties you create. Thank you. 💕"

"The opening exercises were amazing. They not only loosened everyone up while giving practice in asking for consent, but they also created beautiful interactions between people who might not otherwise have connected. When free play started, many people kept playing with their new friends for awhile. Your activities also demonstrated that touch and pleasure didn't have to escalate into something more to be wonderful, and it created a beautiful, safe container for strangers to share love and affection. Aside from that, just watching people play brings me so much joy. The sex is hot, but I loved most the moments where I saw lovers embrace, spent and tired, or when moresomes would breakdown into laughter and giggles for just a moment, or just the relaxed joy on people's faces as they felt safe to be naked and explore. Some of the testimonials and "firsts" shared at the end were very moving, too. I can't wait for the next one!"

"I loved the closing circle: I felt the embrace of the community in that moment, and so much openness/tenderness towards everyone in the room as they shared. I thought the warm up activities were wonderfully chosen and orchestrated"

"I loved the decor- and the food - and the people."

"Owning my own pleasure and feeling comfortable in my own skin is something I have struggled with, and this party truly helped my address some of those negative feelings. A past traumatic experience has left me feeling anxious and having panic attacks at other similar events, but your facilitation truly did give me the comfort and safety I needed to be able to relax and enjoy it and even look forward to the next one. I can’t even thank you enough for making a safe space to let ourselves go and experience pleasure publicly. This truly was a gift to be able to share this experience! I very much enjoyed the physical exercises in the beginning that allowed us to open up. I’ve never experienced a room full of all genders touching each other and expressing their boundaries in order to give and receive pleasure. It was beautiful to see my partner enjoy being caressed by two other men since it’s not a likely place he would find himself in otherwise. Having a truly safe place to explore is something I have never experienced. "

"This was an incredibly healing experience for me. Thank you!"

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