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Ciao Cacao: A Virtual Call to Love

2020 has been a year that has imprinted into our minds, bodies and souls. Through the collective global journey of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of, the world was forced to slow down and go inward. The effects have caused much strife, confusion, fear, and change; and yet, there have also been moments of connection, support, community, and love. Ciao Cacao is a call for us to love and heal as a virtual global mandala. We will journey into collective consciousness and movement featuring Authentic Relating, performances featuring artists with different mediums and cultural backgrounds, emotional release techniques, and Ecstatic Dance (clothing optional). The word "Ciao" has a

double meaning, "hello" and "goodbye," so let's give a final "Farewell" to the Piscean age of the "I" and welcome the Aquarian age of the "We!"

Come party with two of the wildest leader in the conscious community!


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