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How to enjoy a Virtual Intimacy Retreat

  1. Choose Your own adventure

Going to IN-PERSON retreats or festivals, you can find yourself far from the comfort of your home and fully committed to the experiences. When going to a virtual retreat, you have a wonderful opportunity to continue your life in the comfort of your home. Just set aside 90 to 270-minute breaks from your daily life to take 1-3 workshops during the 4 day weekend. Each workshop is 90 minutes long and our evening time special events are 3 hours. One ticket gives you access to all 38 workshops and special events. Choosing and attending 3 workshops could be just enough to receive the shifts that are intended for this intimate weekend.


You could fully immerse yourself in all that is VIR, the virtual space created for you to stay in connection, meet, and develop new tools. There is a long list of things created for you to have an optimal virtual learning experience! We created rooms for 1-1 with facilitators of your choice. There is a sign-up, sheet for that! Emotional support for our more challenging workshops, fun sensual lunches, dance parties, costume parties, performances, and yes, a virtual play party! It’s your choice how much time you put into it, and you could fully drop in like you would an in-person retreat. VIR created a User-friendly Program guide where all the ZOOM links, workshop and special events schedule, and description are in one place. The Program guide.

  1. Be ready for Class!!

Bring your backpack to class!! No, not really, but notebooks would be a good idea. Sometimes dildos, coconut oil, pocket pussies, and floggers could be useful as well! Each Facilitator has a special workshop planned for you so read the workshop description in the program guide. There you will be able to see if it's a drop-in, class which means you can ZOOM IN at any time or do the virtual doors lock 10 minutes into the session to ensure a specific container. Maybe you'll need a yoga mat, or a space to be comfy set or room to play music and dance! Just here are any suggestions to make your experiences that much better! Lunchtime, you should like to have food nearby, because we love to play with our food!

  1. Get comfortable

We invite you to create a space where you can be fully present, or as present, as you can in your situation allows. You are free to take your class wherever you are! You must have your camera on, and preferably stable so you can drop in. Maybe even earphones so you have sound privacy. However, all classes will ask you to move, speak, or make sounds! Depending on your chosen workshop or event, you may need space for movement, sexy play, and your partners' participation. If you plan on engulfing yourself, there are breaks in between sessions and longer breaks before special events in the late evening. For VIR4, we even have closed captioning for those who are hearing impaired.

  1. Get Enrolled

This is a really cool experience and a great opportunity to meet new lovers, friends, and members of your intimacy-loving community. This is a body-positive and sex-positive experience, and this container is created for you to challenge yourself in a heart-centered space. Our intention is to transform. Also, we created an experience that creates deep connections with a community of humans who desire to find tools to expand, love, and respect one another. We have curated 40 facilitators from around the world to be in one virtual space for you. No workshop is recorded, it's live and in the moment. You don't want to miss out on this one. Say fuck yes to VIR and come fully willing to be transformed!

Hope to see you there!

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