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I.R.L. Intimacy Retreat Aug 12-14 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Lyons, Colorado

August 12 - 15, 2022

During the Virtual Intimacy Retreat, we wondered what we would do, how we would continue when life blossomed open again.

We finally have that answer…

the in-real-life Intimacy Retreat

Join the incredibly talented Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates and Major Tom for a three-night weekend getaway full of deep intimacy, play, and self-exploration with people you may have connected with virtually or new humans on this intentional intimacy journey!

In the beautiful mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado, our cozy lodge welcomes you to live ecstatically, tap into your zest for pleasure, and access your full being IN REAL LIFE.

our Intentions

SELF-KNOWLEDGE by allowing yourself to jump into our proposed experiences and stay connected to yourself through them, meet yourself in new situations, to observe, inquire and ultimately, integrate and expand.

EMPOWERMENT by discovering and claiming parts of ourselves that we kept consciously or unconsciously in the darkness.

HEALING by allowing us to integrate these hidden parts being witnessed by a loving and honoring community.

EXPANSION by breaking out of limiting beliefs, societal or parental conditionings, comfort zones, and everything that diminishes us towards embodying our most authentic Erotic Self.

INTIMACY by removing masks and daring to live our truth.

We will focus on JOY and personal growth, while redefining ways of being in the body and relating to each other. Let us come together for a transformational experience!

This retreat offers a brave space for you to explore and liberate your erotic self, integrate with a community, and bask in mindful connection.

covid protocol

One week before the retreat you are committing to social distancing including not attending other gatherings and wearing a mask in public.

You will take a PCR test within 72 hours of the event.

You will take a rapid COVID test upon arrival. You are also responsible for your own quarantine if you contract COVID while on the retreat.

These protocols are subject to change based on CDC recommendations.

During our weekend, we will have the opportunity to learn and explore...

  • Play Parties

  • Hiking

  • Naked Ecstatic Dance

  • Hot Tubbing

  • Authentic Relating Games

  • Sacred Kinky Ceremony

and many other sensual activities!


This event is for people of all cultures, races, gender identities, body types, orientations, sexualities, abilities, and kinks. You are welcome here.

TICKETING & Cancellation policy

The price of your ticket depends on the sleeping accommodations you choose.

▸ Cancel within 3 months of retreat: 100% refund

▸ Cancellation within 2 months of retreat: 50% refund

▸ No refund if cancellation within 1 month of retreat

Please note: This retreat is for humans 18+ only, and is a drug and alcohol-free retreat.

what is included in your ticket

Lodging at the venue, vegetarian meals, and an exciting weekend of facilitated activities.

Join us for a sensual weekend.... in the flesh

Work Exchange Opportunities

We give a $300 discount in exchange for 8 hours of contribution: helping set up 2 hours prior to the event, staying 2 hours afterward to help clean, and assisting with prepping or cleaning up after meals.

For more information about Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates ...

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