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Live w/ MajorTom

I'm having the pleasure to be asked to chat with these to creators of Dance Meets Tantra about my journey. Post coming after, it'll be in their Facebook group first and I will add it to the post once available.

"Oh hello MajorTom oh nbd - he's just the Austin celebrity of the dance + authentic relating + primal activation + intimacy realms.

Dance is scary. Eye contact is scary. Eye contact on the dancefloor..? omg. and what about being messy??! Sweaty? Grotesque? A beast. These are the tender gems that get unearthed on the dancefloor. and we're gonna brain + heartgasm about them together. with the one n' only primal activator himself - MajorTom, obviously.

This being is a master weaver. WILD FREAKY FEROCIOUS playmate. Brilliant conductor of intimate + vulnerable + groovy spaces.

AND he is helping us bring DMT to AUSTIN on July 30th! all the singing from the rooftop yayyyyyys.

Come get messy with us."

I'm collaborating and bringing them to Austin for a wonderful experience...

Click on the photo for more information and tickets!

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