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As we continue to navigate 2020 and all of its UNCERTAINTY and CHANGE, I have been privileged to be able to create and connect to community from around the world!

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be a speaker at the One World Tantra Festival! One of the largest online festivals full of opportunities to expand ourselves and be with EXPANSIVE community.

- Presentations, Workshops, Rituals, Performances, and more from over 130 top leaders in the world of tantra and conscious living

- More than 200+ hours of content over 7 days

- Access to all the content for an additional 5 weeks so you may go at your own pace

- Bonus new live content during those 5 weeks as part of the new TantraU online university and community (free access until January 1)

- Special community events to meet and connect during the festival

- Dedicated 24-hour spaces for emotional or technical support as well as a dedicated and held space for connection

Use code MAJOR for an extra 25% off!

Click on the photo above to purchase your ticket now!

Share with your friends and community!

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