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Play Party Palooza & Temple Of Hedonism May 23

May isn't just, "MASTURBATION MAY", inviting you to self-pleasure in new ways. Whether that be intentional/manifestation, with toys, with a friend or lover, this month make sure you set some time aside for self-pleasure aka MASTURBATE!

When you're done connecting with yourself, come connect with the conscious Play Community!!

May 19TH we have our first long-form play party! This is for those who need the extra time for connection and need a few days before they warm up and unleash those parts of themselves or for those who just want to PLAY for much longer! Did I mentions is in a mega-mansion? So there are ample spaces indoors and outdoors to play and connect!

Use my code MAJOR for 10% off ticket for PLAY PART WEEKEND PALOOZA.

click on photos for more information and tickets

If a whole weekend is too much and you prefer the evening of fun, don't fret my little hedonist, there is always more!

This month will be full of YUM, whether it be living out your fantasies or imagining living them out, you have the space and opportunity to tap into your fantasy mind and be creative without pleasure!



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