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Review for the Austin Temple of Hedonism '22

"Your icebreakers are excellent. It's a great way to get a feel for where everyone's at and start to make connections. I loved the opportunities that were available and the type of people that you invited"

"I loved just setting up a little space to tie folks up, and then a couple of other people started tying in the same area, it was really fun and I loved observing other people’s experiences."

"MY GOD. so grateful you hold these spaces for us, it's so healing to be able to just be in such a pleasure-forward space with such yummy people. Truly, Thank you"

"The space was very calm. Lots of checking in. I really enjoyed the fluid movement between spaces!"

"I want to celebrate touching a man's penis for the first time!"

"The music was legit! Nice job integrating senses!"

"My lover and I finally were a part of an orgy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Just a reminder to all of your, It is your birthright to be in PLEASURE, so don't deny yourself all the fruits your desire.

Just remember to take care of yourself and each other.



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