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Reviews from Flourish: Conscious Play Party

"I love the way you open up the space. The opening ceremony/circle with activities/prompts that allow every participant to drop into the experience and get into their turn on is SO impactful. Immediately after the opening circle I felt dropped into my body and it's pleasure. It was the first time I started a play party with dance rather than looking for an activity to dive into. It felt fluid, natural and grounded."

"I love the group of people you call in. Everyone was respectful, playful and so inviting. I felt at home in the space and so comfortable with the company."

"LOVED the space, it has such good energy "

"I really connected to your playlist, the fluidity it inspired in my body assisted with me dropping in"

"Your curation, 10 out of 10, this was incredible."

"This was my first play party and I came in assuming it was just a bun experience but I feel like I worked so much on parts of myself and honestly, I grew from this"

"Being able to play and be ing my full yes, incredibly healing"

Feeling all warm reading these, Flourish was DESIRES based and cocreated to hold a space where people could say, "FUCK YES!" to themselves and see what was possible. Excited to bring the Flow to San Diego during the holiday season.

Be seeing you all soon. Hopefully, you are creating a world around where your yes is heard and honored.




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