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Updated: Jul 2

Are you ready to deepen your connection with yourself and others? Curious about exploring the realms of eroticism and intimacy in a brave, supportive environment?

Discover the Art of Owning your Er0tism at "Unravel The Erotic"

Join us for an immersive retreat, "Unravel The Erotic," co-led by the renowned Shibari artist and facilitator Kati Bird and Major Tom, A conscious relating facilitator and leader in the conscious play party world. This unique experience invites you to explore the depths of Eros, life force energy, and intimacy with some emphasis on the ancient Japanese Art of Shibari, combined with contemporary practices designed to awaken and liberate your Erotic self.

Event Highlights:

-  Erotic Exploration & Discovery:  Engage in activities and exercises designed to enhance your understanding of eroticism, intimacy, and personal boundaries.  Expanding your ability to HAVE and ASK for the exact experiences you want to have!  Through guided sessions, you'll develop a deeper connection with your body, your partner/s, and your personal power and freedom.  


- Shibari Workshops: Learn the intricate techniques of Shibari from Kati Bird, who will guide you through the process of creating beautiful and intimate rope art.  Connecting to conveying mood, energetics of rope, deep surrender, and emboldened control . Suitable for all skill levels, these workshops emphasize safety, consent, and meaningful connection between partners.


- Life Force Energy:  Harness and celebrate your life force energy through guided practices and activities that invigorate and empower your erotic self.


- Acceptance and Celebration:  Embrace a space of acceptance and celebration, where all expressions of sensuality and desire are honored and respected.  Discover your full life force potential!

Who Should Attend:

This retreat is open to beginners and intermediate participants on their journey of er0tic discovery. Individuals and couples of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds are welcome, provided they fill out a form and attend a meeting to ensure a good fit for the retreat's inclusive environment.

What You'll Get With Your Ticket:

- Access to all workshops and activities

-Notebook and Pen, Rope and a HandMade Kin-ky Sensation Toy!

- Use of amenities including sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, BioMat, and connection games

- Nourishing meals prepared by a professional chef

- Opportunities for authentic relating and community building

- Guidance from experienced facilitators

- Access to scholarship opportunities, flexible payment agreements, and discount options


Overnight Accommodation in a beautiful multi-level home.  There are private and shared rooms available for making the most of your experience!


Nestled in the beautiful town of Eden, Utah, this retreat offers stunning mountain views and fresh air. The multi-level home provides multiple rooms for those who wish to stay overnight, although space is limited. Enjoy amenities like a sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, BioMat, and games designed for connection. A skilled chef will prepare nourishing meals to sustain you throughout your journey.


-  Date:  August 30th - September 1st

-  Location: Eden, Utah

-  Price:  Starting at 1750$

-  Registration: 

You must fill out a form and set up a meeting to be accepted. This ensures a cohesive and intentional group dynamic.

Scholarships:  Scholarship opportunities are available to ensure inclusivity. Payment and Discounts:  Flexible payment agreements and discount options are offered to accommodate different financial situations.

Say “YES” to this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of eroticism and discover new dimensions of Self. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection at "Unravel The Erotic."


Meet the Facilitators 

Kati Bird

Kati is a renowned Shibari Artist specializing in conscious communication and somatic trauma healing. She creates transformative spaces where intimacy and play are explored with connective depth and symbolism. Kati weaves modalities of non-violent communication, authentic relating, and sacred touch into her rope artistry.  With expertise in kink and play spaces, she emphasizes boundaries, consent, and somatic techniques for personal and collective healing, expansion, and freedom.

Major Tom

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, I began exploring the profound impact of trauma during my adolescence. My journey of unlearning and acceptance took me backpacking through 13 countries, earning the moniker "Major Tom." Upon returning to the States, I embarked on the path of personal growth.

With 7 years of facilitation experience and over 100 events, workshops, and retreats, I have witnessed the transformative power of intentional human connection on personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being. By creating safe and supportive environments, participants have explored vulnerabilities, broken down barriers, and forged deep connections.

My work draws from diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures, enhancing my toolkit for authentic connection, clear communication, and joyful play. Utilizing Integral Theory, my approach integrates psychodrama, tantra, conscious kink, authentic relating, and longform improv. Conscious play is the foundation for our exploration and transformation.

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