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Virtual Intimacy Retreat 2021 POWERFUL Workshop Line-up!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Super jazzed up to show you this line-up! January 14th-17th get one ticket to have access to all these transformational, experiential virtual workshops over a 4 day weekend! Connect with people from all over the world, build community, and go deep! Gain knowledge from brilliant minds in intimacy, sexuality, consciousness, wellness, movement

and relationship!

This is for sure a perfect way to start your year with a new outlook and new tools to POWER UP!

Don't forget all the special events I put on throughout the weekend, I always bring joy and sexy! I have my Yummy Lunch series where playing with your food is encouraged! There's even a costume party. If you were ever curious about Virtual Play parties, We'll have one featuring our Virtual Mansion of Pleasures!

What workshop are you most intrigued by?

Click on the photo below for tickets and more details!

Please share this with humans in your community that you believe could receive the gifts of the retreat!

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