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Virtual Intimacy Retreat II

I'm ecstatic to inform you all that I am an Assistant producer to Virtual Intimacy Retreat II. I was a facilitator last retreat where I had my Naked Ecstatic Dance, my dance was reviewed as "energizing" and "transformational". Now, I'm head of events and BIPOC support. It's amazing how adapting to the changes occurring can bring in so much joy. This is one step up the later in branch out and spread my radical views on curating an empowering life by saying yes to your desires.

VIR2 has some progressive workshops on beginning the journey into healing the white supremacy all Americans have been indoctrinated with, on top of the shame and the fear to love fuller and wholly. This will be full of joy, connection, and growth. We aim to bring GLOBAL, deep heart-centered connections

while evolving into your higher self.


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