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Welcome to Nirvana: Your Journey into Sexual Healing and Conscious Exploration

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Embark on a transformative experience at Nirvana, a sacred space designed for men navigating the diverse landscapes of their sexual healing journey. Whether you're seeking self-discovery, connection, or a deeper understanding of your desires, Nirvana provides a welcoming haven.

**Key Highlights:**

**Exploration and Discovery:** Dive into a judgment-free zone where you can explore your unique path to sexual healing and conscious intimacy.

**Brave Space:** Join a community that values your journey. Nirvana is a confidential and secure environment, fostering openness and understanding.

**Facilitated Activities:** Engage in thoughtfully curated activities to enhance your connection with self and others. Our experienced facilitators guide you through practices rooted in authentic relating and Integral Theory.

**Inclusive Community:** Nirvana welcomes individuals across the spectrum of sexuality—heterosexual, bi-curious, bi-sensual, and gay. Celebrate diversity as you connect with like-minded explorers.

**Your Host, Major Tom:**

Major Tom, intimacy coach and organizer of CONSCIOUS PLAY EVENTS, brings a wealth of experience having created and facilitated over 100 play parties. As a leader in ethical hedonism and conscious sexuality, Major Tom invites you to join him in co-creating a space for profound connection and exploration.

**Event Details:**

- 🗓 **Date & Time:**Febuary 23rd 2024 7pm

- 📍 **Location:** Tantra Daddys

- 🎟 **Reserve Your Space:**

Embark on your sexual healing journey with Nirvana—a space where curiosity meets consciousness, and exploration leads to empowerment. Join us in celebrating the diversity of male sexuality and the transformative power of self-discovery.


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