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2022 in Review

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

This year was sensational. I have so many highlights however, showing you the flyers and letting you just image what was created feels better. I don't allow photos at my events, so there that!

The Photo above is of my snuggles and after a regional burn and I just want to show that I have a beautiful intimate life and not just what I create.

My favorite and most obvious impact on the event was

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I co-created and created some powerfully sensual, transformative, freeing, connective, and sexy experiences. It was by far the most I've done in one year. I do work in a few retreats that I don't have flyers for but it was all wonderful. Many challenges but mostly smooth sailing and creating the images in my mind. I've accepted that I am an artist. I create experiences that water the seeds of my intentions. I get to watch my mind come to life and there isn't anything grate for an artist.

I get lots of feed back but I hear this the most, "You keep getter and better" and "This is your best party"

I had a colleague share"I've been to many play parties but yours are by far the best." However, it would seem like people just say things like but but this was in a sit-down moment to ensure it was received.

This year I was able to witness the effect my facilitation has had on communities in the sex-positive facilitation space and on the people I hold dear to my heart. that's the best part of the year.

The most unexpected thing, I facilitated a few things at Burning Man this year. It was all a wild adventure and I'm learning and expanding. I feel so attuned to my gratitude for yalls support. Your word of mouth has really impressed me and impacted my life. Austin, San Diego and Colorado!

I spent so much time with you.

Now for 2023

I always start my year with a Bliss in Austin! 3 years in a row! Can't wait to see what I come up with next.

I will be adding some cities to my regular rotation. Asheville and ATL

Remember to prioritize your pleasure and take care of those around you!


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