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Conscious Play in Asheville, NC May 13th-17th!

Updated: May 11, 2022

I will be Facilitating a few events to introduce myself to the communities in Asheville!

Authentic Relating: Let's Talk About Sex. May 12TH at 6:30-9 PM (facebook link on photo)

Temple of Hedonism; A Conscious Play Party May 13th at 6 PM (click on photo for tickets)

Naked Ecstatic Dance May 14th

Feeling honored and curious as to what it feels like to be emersed in a community there!

I'm always stoked to share my style of conscious play events, to see the level of growth, play, and expression is present, and desired in new areas! if your wondering, "Who should attend my events?" Those who can feel into their intentions for the space being held and think "FUCK YES, this is something that could be enriching or healing to my soul." Or you are just called to see what I bring to a space.

This is something single people, partnered people, and tribes can enjoy with the good intentions of adding to the brave container.

My intention is to hold space for the conscious and sensually/sexually curious. I want to co-create a container where people can dive deep and be fully expressed and emersed in a wide range of connections.

My events in San Diego went well enough for me to already set dates for July, and how to start the relationship with Asheville!

looking forward to what is co-created!



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