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KinkED Oct 9th-11th 2020

KinkED: The sex education you've dreamed about.

KinkED is a workshop and performance series that brings together world-renowned sex educators, kink practitioners, adult performers, and sex workers to teach about what they do behind closed doors. Every month, we bring you live, remote workshops where we explore a variety of topics, all day, with educators, panelists, and practitioners. Each evening after class, we will host a show featuring intimate acts from a variety of our "professors".  After the show, we will open up playrooms for everyone attending to meet, deepen, and explore together.

The refined print:

Our shows, workshops, and events are sex-positive and 100% LGTBQA+ inclusive. We do not tolerate sex, slut, or kink-shaming, ever. That means you keep your questions public and your opinions private. Public

environments will be MODERATED. Be sure to review and agree to our consent training, rules of engagement, and general decorum videos PRIOR to attending.


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