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My Mission

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

When I was 23, I had an argument with my best friend because he said, “We could never fully know a person. There are things we can't say, things we think that we shouldn't say.” I argued that because I didn't want that to be true and I didn't want that to be us. It hurt me and it scared me. All the while, I was withholding information I was afraid to say.

Now 35, I strive to live a life of transparency with my curated community. I accept self fully and all of its stories.

It feels natural to hold space for a person's full self or someone seeking safety. Accepting people for their shadows, all the stories and traumas feel empowering. But there's something about witnessing someone in their full light...I truly believe if we give each other permission to be ourselves, we get to witness the light and the gifts people have waiting for us. We are in a society that trains us to conform or perform causing disconnection. Shut down.

I would name that as one of the reasons for my early year's depression and anxiety. It was when I was 29 years old, I started to explore and accept all the bits and pieces of myself. Parts of myself I wanted to heal that become a powerful aspect of my being. Now I’m fully expressed, happy, and authentic as fuck. I’d be rude to not want to spread that! We gotta LIGHT UP!

My mission is selfish. Be the man I needed at 13, 16, 23, at 29.

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