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One Year of running the only Authentic Relating games night in Austin!

This bi-weekly event has been so fruitful and fulfilling. It's wild to think about my first time going to a games night and the immense impact it had on me.

Before AR came into my life, I was in a mode of SEEKING. I was aware I needed more tools to rise up to the next phase of self. I was pretty open with people on my journey and desired more but lacked the answers. I had ended a relationship by ghosting because I didn't have the language or tools to speak to the depth of our wounds. My dad passed and it seemed my emotions turned off, it had been two years since I shed a tear. Yet, many people (strangers and friends) would emotionally dump on me and I'd hold their stories.

One faithful night with some burner friends, I was telling my story and I was told to check out Authentic Relating night. When I'm in seeking mode, I say yes to every experience presented because there is a gift in all experiences and maybe THE gift is there. To my surprise, it was the gift I wanted and desired. My first games night was on or around Christmas, I remember halfway through, discussing a happy holiday moment I started to cry. For the first time I cried and it wasn't because of sadness, it was from gratitude.

That games night I made a declaration to myself that I would share this gift. I knew people who shared similar upbringings, where emotional intelligence and nonviolent communication wasn't the norm, could use this. I knew people who had deep wounds and didn't know how to speak or move through them could use this. I knew the socially awkward people I have always been drawn to who I was drawn to listen to because they wanted to be heard, could use this. I knew there was medicine here and I wanted to share it.

Years later, the impact AR has had on my life and those around me, has been unmeasurable. I have used these tools with family, I've co-created community, and met people who hold me in ways I have always longed for. I've cried so freely for many things that aren't sadness or anger, my past emotional block is almost a punch line at this point. And now, here I am, facilitating 100+ events, play parties, retreats, and games nights and in deep connection with so many wonderful humans. All because a version of me knew it wanted, needed something more.

Thanks to all who have supported me, the seekers seeking more, and the people who guided me to this point in life. I get to share the thing that assisted me with so much healing and growth. *Deep breath in and release with gratitude*

Happy One Year Anniversary to my games night at Flow Yoga!

Photo one is me in '22 San Diego preparing to facilitate my primal activation workshop for 60 people and the group hug is of me during my ALT Facilitator training 4 years ago.

Life is so fucking beautiful if we just allow it to be.

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