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Tantra Festival Mexico 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Honored to be one of the many presenters from arounf the world! Tell them Major Tom Sent you.

The Tantra Festival Mexico is the first Sacred Sexuality festival in all Latin America. In 2019 we planted a seed that began a collective process of liberation and transformation.  Mexico has a long history of repression that has wounded our collective sexuality deeply. Ancient cultures were devastated by the catholic church. Traditions were suffocated and replaced with guilt and shame. The wisdom of our ancestors was buried. Our power was taken to the shade.    Our vision is to create a safe space where people can feel free and liberated! To inspire a deeper transformation, to celebrate life and love in the company of like minded souls.  Our mission is to start a sexual re-evolution in Latin America to heal our collective wound and embrace our sexual freedom, meanwhile growing the tantric Latin community. In the near future, it is our intention to fund an ONG, develop a program and reach out to the most vulnerable communities with sexual education, information, and healing.  Our aim is to attract people looking for a change, longing for love, needing to heal, ready to be a better version of themselves and show up for their communities.  We believe we are ready to be free, from church, from imposed cultural shame, free of gender violence. We are ready to live and love, without fear, judgment or guilt. We are ready to create new ways to relate because we know old ones aren't working anymore.  We are rising against gender violence and discrimination, against oppression and injustice, against what we are not. 

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