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Virtual Intimacy Retreat III

Check out the slideshow of some of the 35 Workshops over the weekend!


We’ve been asked to retreat from so many things we value in our lives. As social creatures, we are designed to thrive in connection with others. During this time of Spacious Solidarity, we now more than ever need ways of creating connection and intimacy - whether we are quarantined alone or with others. Let us come together virtually as a community to create meaningful and fulfilling experiences through movement, laughter, learning, presence, vulnerability, play, and authentic connections. Be guided by heart-centered intimacy experts in highly interactive and experiential workshop spaces, and engage with a rich group of participants throughout this three-day online getaway. Online space is still a real-life space. Here, we have room to occupy intimacy. --- EXPERIENCE --- * Authentic Movement * Building Intimacy & Relationship in Quarantine * Tantric Practices * Circling & Authentic Relating * Self-Care/Self-Regulation Practices * Pleasure Practices * Primal Play * Clothing-Optional Ecstatic Dance * Grief Rituals * Fusion Dance * Creative and Artistic Expression * Intimacy through Kink and BDSM * Fully emotionally supported community

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